Liam Wilson and Julia Pinter create fresh and surprising new circus shows using diverse juggling techniques, partner dance, comedy, mime, magic and other secret ingredients. Their attitude to performance is humane and adaptive; they strive to live in the moment and remain ready for anything. With emphasis on communication and conversation, their high skill level is kept in service to the mutual exchange of ideas, their own interest in audience and environment is equally important as the attention they receive.

Liam grew up in Scotland, climbing trees, hillwalking and teaching himself to juggle. His passion for creative movement and juggling grew, bringing him into contact with many teachers including Stefan Sing, Roberto Olivan, Morgan Cosquer and Guillaume Martinet. In 2010 he became a full-time performer and left Scotland to explore the European circus scene. Since 2015 Liam has also worked with the circus company Critical Mess, under the direction of Stefan Sing.

Julia is from Berlin, where she found her love for juggling, movement and exploration. In addition to a solid base of autodidactic training she took advantage of the inspiration Berlin offered and deepened her skills in contact juggling, dance and hoop with the help of teachers including Kelvin Kalvus, Cristiana Casadio, Mikel Ayala, Aragorn Boulanger and Andre Hidalgo. She is a full-time performer since 2014 and became a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher in 2018.

Julia and Liam met in Berlin in 2013, where they recognised a great potential for artistic collaboration. Forming Company PilkoPilko, their partner juggling grew organically, becoming the focus of their working lives. Since then they have trained, travelled and performed together with great success.

Recent performances:

- Festival Artisti di Strada Ascona
- Lenzburger Gaukler- & Kleinkunstfestival
- Edinburgh Festival Fringe
- Napoli Buskers Festival
- Tanderadai Festival Köln
- Jugglers’ Park Gala Berlin
- Alle Mitmischen Gala Leipzig
- Freiburger Jonglierconvention Gala


One Ball Flash is a new circus variety show without a fourth wall - without any walls. It is an open conversation about the value of play and spontaneous human interaction. It is street theatre reimagined, with a diverse mix of skills including object manipulation, partner dance, finger puppetry and extreme meditation. Set to a soundtrack including contemporary classical, trip-hop and kitsch-pop music, PilkoPilko invite the world to participate in a journey from fantasy to reality.

What we need:

3x3m and fair weather - we will bring everything else.

Show duration: 15 - 40 min (+3 min for set-up).

Sound levels: low to medium.

Appropriate for audiences of all ages.

This is a zero waste show.


Contact Juggling Duo

Nuvole Bianche is a unique contact juggling duo inspired by yoga, contemporary dance and mime. Aesthetic movement and precise musicality combine with a twist of humour and surprise. Our audiences are invited to forget time and experience the power of imagination manifesting in reality.

Juggling Solo

If balls wanted to talk they might say "It's so absurd that Liam thinks he can get away with telling people what balls want to say - everyone knows these are just some words he wrote."

If Liam wanted to talk he might say: "Do come and see my three balls dancing and juggling together, we have worked really hard for this."

Contact Juggling Duo

Five minutes jammed with fresh and funny illusion style dance juggling. Can you be sure who this arm belongs to?

“Julia and Liam were the absolute highlight of the Alle Mitmischen gala show. We were enchanted by beautiful images, movement and object manipulation on the highest level. Their outstanding creativity and sense of humour drew us all into their world.” (Birte Paulsen, organizer of Alle Mitmischen Festival)

Video Collaboration

Spring in Milano

with Kate Boschetti, Liam Wilson, Julia Pinter

Music: Joni Void

Juggling on Ice

Winter in Berlin

Movement: Liam Wilson

Music: Oskar Schuster

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